Bioware is gearing up and getting the hype going for the next installment of the Dragon Age franchise. The official Gamescom 2014 trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition is here.

The trailer titled The Enemy of Thedas highlights the mysterious force threatening the world. The mysterious voice questions “Where is your Maker now?” Who ever this party is, the trailer alludes to it being older than the Maker which, well could prove to be rather interesting.  The game itself is looking better and better every time Bioware shows it off. From tone, to  graphics, character designed, everything seems to have the extra touch care that the last Dragon Age was missing.

So it looks like the  month delay may pay off nicely for Dragon Age fans. Dragon Age: Inquisition hits store selves on November 18Th. for the  PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the trailer here:

Source: Youtube

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