The new 3DS XL was  announced by Nintendo and one of the features is a  web browser filter that comes built into the system, and it looks like there will be a small charge to remove it.

The filter is in place to restrict what sites can be accessed by the built in web browser. To remove the filter so any page can be viewed there is a charge of 30 yen or .29 cent.

This is not completely intended as a money making move; instead it’s intended as a form of parental control. By requiring a credit or bank card to make the purchase, it puts a natural wall in place to keep children from viewing websites they should  not. Still, though it looks like Nintendo could make a nice profit if enough people pay the fee. So lets say if 5 million people pay, that would bring in $1.5 million before the credit card companies take their share.

In the past there have been instances of sexual content ending up and appearing on Nintendo consoles. Such as the 3DS give as Christmas gift that pornography on the SD. This, is not necessarily going to stop this from happening again, but Nintendo is always looking for a way to protect children – either from stranger’s online or adult websites.

This is not the first time Nintendo made a move such as this, there is a 50 cent charge to create an Nintendo Network ID on the Wii U for anyone under the age of 13.


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