One of the big selling points for the Xbox One during the pre-release and release window was cloud gaming. Microsoft said that with the power of the 300,000+ Xbox Live servers games would be changed forever. Instead of doing all of the processing through the console, it was thought that the cloud servers would reduce the processing stress and make for a better gaming experience. It was a really nice idea, but in practice, it caused lag and latency issues for gamers.

So, in order to improve the service, Microsoft has started to research a better solution called DeLorean, yes like the car in Back to the Future. DeLorean uses predictive algorithms to guess what the player is going to do next. By doing this, DeLorean can have a lineup of possible actions ready to execute when the player acts. When the player acts, DeLorean will only show the 1 outcome that actually happens. DeLorean uses your past decisions and recent actions to best choose the action it thinks you are going to take next.

So far, the program has worked great, minimizing lag and latency issues even when the network latency is upwards of 250ms.

“Through user studies and performance benchmarks, we find that players overwhelmingly prefer DeLorean to traditional thin-client gaming,” said Microsoft after testing the system on Diablo III and Fable III “DeLorean successfully mimics playing across a low-latency network.”

Although DeLorean has tested well in a controlled environment, the system still requires too much bandwidth to work well in a consumer environment, so we won’t be getting our hands on it anytime soon.


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