Not so good news coming from Sucker Punch, looks like the inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper developer is going to cutting back on some jobs.  Sony confirmed the reported layoffs saying:

“SCEA can confirm a reduction in workforce has taken place at Sucker Punch Productions. Sucker Punch is appreciative of the tremendous work team members contributed to the inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper series, and wishes them the best in their next endeavors.”  

While it is still unclear how many employe’s are going to lose their jobs from but it looks like the cuts are deep enough to affect those that were on the team back when they were still developing Sly Cooper.  This was  back in 2005, since then the company has shifted to the inFAMOUS franchise.   Times are hard and we wish all this affect by the cuts backs the best of luck out there.

Source: IGN

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