Last night if you missed it Nintendo Direct had a special Hyrule Warriors presentation. The presentation had gone in depth with the new mechanics of the Dynasty Warriors crossover, and shed some light on how the game would play. They spoke about how upgrading weapons would work, and even finding new ones. They also talked about the addition of Adventure Mode for Hyrule Warriors. Finally, at the end they revealed a new playable character, a Club Nintendo Costume DLC, and pre-order bonuses!

Firstly as we already know, Hyrule Warriors is a Zelda spin-off that plays like Dynasty Warriors games that we know and love. The catch, is that the game plays not only as a Dynasty Warriors title, but sticks very true to it’s Zelda roots. Enemies will appear on field that you will have an easier time defeating with certain items. The Nintendo Direct used King Dodongo as an example, throw bombs into its mouth to activate a massive damage cinematic. Gohma, another item specific enemy,  is vulnerable with an arrow to the eye just like in its appearance in previous Zelda titles too. You’ll also utilize the items found throughout the game to traverse the maps, you’ll use the hookshot, boomerang, gauntlets, bombs, and the bow to explore each stage for hidden items or to unlock areas in the map.


During combat enemies might drop materials along with rupees or hearts. The materials are used in upgrading weapons, adding special properties to them, whether it increases attack power, or how healing items effect you, the results can vary. The more the weapon is improved the more options that are available to you for that weapon, more attacks, stronger power. You can even fuse weapons to combine their properties to get the best results for your weapons possible. There will also be treasure chests to find around the map as well hiding even more rare loot from additional weapons, to pieces of heart. Characters also improve in level and their levels help increase their abilities.

Adventure mode lays out what looks like a classic Zelda map and each map has an unlock condition. The condition can vary, but once that area of the map is selected you are then warped into the Hyrule Warriors style of play. Fulfill the objective to clear the area and then it unlocks adjacent areas on the map. Some of the maps require you to utilize the items acquired from unlocking previous areas to find secrets too!


Lastly, the mother of the Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct, or rather the King of them. Demon King Ganon was revealed to be a playable character, he’ll be utilizing two Great Swords and dealing devastating attacks with both swords and powers of darkness. Upon his reveal also came the Demon King Costume pack, giving Ganon his costume from Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess. Nintendo also revealed a Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time costume pack for both Link and Zelda for pre-ordering at select retailers, although the retailers weren’t revealed at the time of the presentation.

Theres plenty to look forward to coming from Nintendo and Hyrule Warriors. Stay tuned here for more info as it comes! Hyrule Warriors releases September 26th on Wii U!


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