This fall’s Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature a cooperative multiplayer mode similar to the one featured in Mass Effect 3.

The cooperative multiplayer will feature four players, and while it’s built off of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer, it will be “significantly deeper.”

There will be three multiplayer campaigns available at launch, each of which will be large and have smaller sub-sections. These campaigns will be randomized so that the player experiences something new each time they play through. Completing quests in multiplayer will earn you loot which can be used to unlock treasure chests. These chests will have items like recipes, equipment, etc.

Nine different characters will be available at release with three for each character type: mage, archer, melee.

This seems like a perfect way to nickel and dime players with extras for this mode, right? Well think again! This mode will feature numerous pieces of DLC including new characters and levels, but it will all come to the player for free.

“It’s all free DLC for everyone,” BioWare producer Scylla Costa said.

The multiplayer will also add a new form of in game currency called Platinum that players can purchase using real world money to unlock various in game items. However, the items available for Platinum can be bought using the gold dropped by enemies, so players are able to speed up their progression using cash but Costa promises that nothing is behind a paywall.

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases November 18 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


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