During our time at RTX, we got a chance to interview Jason Fader from Iocaine Studios about their upcoming title, Steam Bandits Outpost. We also spent some time with the demo at their booth. The game is an indie title that is scheduled for release this fall. As you can gather from the name, Steam Bandits Outpost is a game set in a steam punk universe. It draws inspiration from old JRPGs like Chrono Trigger and some of the early Final Fantasy’s in terms of combat.

The game might also appeal to Farmville players in the fact that you can build up your own town. Fader didn’t go into too much information about that but he was quick to mention that the game will be free-to-play with a shop, but the studio promises not to make it pay-to-win. The only thing that will be available in the shop will be more cosmetic items like hairstyles and dyes for example.

During our hand-on time with the game, I spotted a “Companions” option in the menu that I asked him to elaborate on. The companions will be various creatures and animals that will play quite a large role in the game and even had a banner of their own at the booth, showing hundreds of potential companions to acquire. These companions will be able to run around your town while you are gone or you can level them up in combat in a Pokemon-like manner.

Fader also spoke to us about a PVP aspect of the game, which will be added later in an expansion. The player will be able to build mining colonies in various areas to gather resources. These resources will allow the player to build siege vehicles which they can use to invade other players mining bases to steal their resources. However, it was made clear that these resources will only benefit players in the PVP space and players who only wish to experience the single player aspect of the game won’t be penalized.

One final thing to add which was a cool feature is the ability to cross-save. For example, if you’re playing on PC you can continue playing your game on your phone or tablet. Steam Bandits Outpost is currently available as early-access on Steam and is due out this fall for PC/Mac/Linux as well as Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.


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