Speaking with  Gameindustry International  Yoshida understood and acknowledged that some people and gamers only want to play AAA titles exclusively, but mused why people don’t give other smaller games  a chance.

“I hear complaints [about the lack of AAA games]. I do realize that some people are only interested in big-budget AAA games. I don’t really understand those people,” Yoshida said. “I don’t know if they’ve tried some of the indie games and decided they’re not interested. Maybe they haven’t even tried. That’s a key question.” 

Yoshida mentioned that Sony offered the acclaimed side-scrolling shooter  Resogun for some time as a free download for Playstation 4 PS Plus subscribers owners, he went on to say that not everyone took advantage of the deal  for what described and “great, great game.”  Understanding  how Sony  as a company can push  its customers towards many of the excellent smaller-sized games is a “key question” for the company.

There is executive-level love for indie games at Sony, PlayStation software product development head Scott Rohde said earlier.  The admiration coming from the heads of Sony makes it rather difficult for other publishers to  match  Sony’s  indie game strategy, he states.

Sony, of course supports more than just smaller-sized games. Game that would be  called  AAA games are in development at Sony such as, The Order:1886, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Bloodborne, and LittleBigPlant3, are among some.

Source: Gamespot


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