RWBY is an online anime series that was created by Rooster Teeth and with volume 2 making an appearance at this year’s RTX it’s garnered quite the decent following. One fan actually took it upon himself to make his own game. It’s gotten so much attention on the internet that Rooster Teeth has taken notice and has decided to work with the lucky fan, Jordan Scott, on bringing the game to the masses and ensure he has what he needs to give the fans a game that’s up to par.

Believe it or not, the game is already quite beautiful, even without Rooster Teeth’s help. To say the fact that this game, being developed by one person, is impressive would be an understatement. To get some more info, we sat down with Jordan for an exclusive interview just after the game’s announcement.

The game is a hack ‘n’ sash action game that gives you a horde mode experience, allowing you to play as all four girls from the anime. You level up as you play, giving the player the chance to unlock various new abilities. While not available in the build at RTX, the game will include a four player co-op mode.

Jordan mentioned it only took 5 months of development to create the title, and keep in mind he’s a one man team. He taught himself everything involved in game development, including the Unity engine which the game is based in. Currently they’re working on getting the game out on the Xbox Marketplace. The game exists for PC as a proof of concept. It represents what the game will look like when finished. Jordan expressed interest in getting the game out on other platforms, but is focused on these platforms currently.

On a final note, Jordan mentioned they will be shooting for an early 2015 release, though nothing is set in stone yet. We’ll post more information in the future as it becomes available.

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