According to a recent post on Siliconera, cross buy between the 3DS and Wii U versions of Squids Odyssey, an RPG by The Game Bakers, comes with a few important caveats. The first is that if you want to get one of the versions for free you must buy the 3DS version first to make the Wii U version available to download at no charge. If you purchase the game on the Wii U and then try and get it on the 3DS you will have to pay for the game again.  There was no official reason that the promotion only worked one way, but The Game Bakers wished it worked the other way as well.  An interesting point here is that it was actually Nintendo of Europe that approached the developer to see if they were interested in doing the promotion.

Indeed this is something new for Nintendo, they call it conditional sales,” Game Bakers shared with Siliconera. “They asked us if we’d be interested in this kind of operation and we said yes. I believe Squids Odyssey is one of the first titles or the first title to support this.”

The quote above brings up another caveat, one that will dismay many gamers who were hoping this might be a system wide change, that the promotion, because it is so new, will only be available in Europe. The Game Bakers even asked if they could have the same kind of deal with Nintendo of America but were told that NOA does not support this kind of promotion.

With all the positive buzz on the internet about cross buy on Sony consoles, we hope Nintendo starts to pay attention. This type of good will goes a long way with gamers and could make a positive impact for the company.


Article and quote source: Siliconera

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