Various media-related industries suffer from occasional information leaks and the game industry is no exception. In fact, it seems that the phenomenon has grown exponentially through the years. There are a number of factors as to why leaks happen. It’s natural that as an industry like the gaming industry grows more popular, more and more people take interest in what’s going on behind the scenes.

It’s arguable that video games breed some of the most passionate fans out of any type of media. With news, trailers, reviews, and everything else information-related in the video game world so readily available nowadays, it makes it very easy for gamers to keep up-to-date on everything about their favorite games, companies, and projects. As the news outlets offer more and more, gamers curiosity and compulsion to know everything going on in the industry become increasingly insatiable.

It was disappointing to hear the script for the third Witcher game was leaked

It was disappointing to hear the script for the third Witcher game was leaked

It’s no surprise then that leaks coming out of companies about unreleased and/or unannounced games are also starting to happen more frequently. For instance, CD Projeckt Red had an enormous incident where a hacker found their way into their servers and stole the entire script to The Witcher 3 and posted it online. No doubt, many information-hungry enthusiasts found their way to the script, but the company expressed great disappointment and urged fans who cared about the game and the integrity of the story to refrain from reading it.

These leaks aren’t just limited to external deviants either. Sometimes leaks happen from within the company, which can cause just as much of a headache for the developers. With access to the internet being more prevalent today than ever, and with more means of sharing information becoming available constantly, leaks are also becoming more frequent. Which leads us to the question at hand, are these leaks helping or hurting the industry?

While all of us love to find out what’s being worked on at our favorite companies or what’s being done to our favorite franchises, sometimes it’s best to let the actual developers tell us about their labors of love. What we don’t realize is that these leaks can be heartbreaking for the people who have spent long periods of their life working on these games only to have it leaked by a kid who can’t wait. There’s a reason these companies show us when they do. One being that if gameplay is leaked for example, while it’s obviously in an early stage, the people viewing the footage may think this is what the game will look like when in reality there is still much polishing to be had.

Today everything gets leaked, so it's no surprise when they finally announced a Last of Us PS4  remake

Today everything gets leaked, so it’s no surprise when they finally announced a Last of Us PS4 remake

Our voracious appetite for leaks is one that gives us a quick and small satisfaction over the bigger satisfaction of waiting long-term until the game is released and we can experience these moments unspoiled. In the case of the Witcher 3‘s script leak: Sure, it’d be nice to finally find out what happens at the end of the trilogy now, but it would be a much more satisfying to experience the story accompanied by the beautiful rendering on screen of the world of the Witcher, with all of it’s character, animations, musical score and cinematography.

Bottom line, curiosity killed the cat. In this case, killed the experience of a potentially amazing game we would have had if not for a leak. Whether it be a story leak that either spoils an ending or plot point for us or causes the developer to rewrite the section that was leaked in spite of those who found out, or a leak of an unannounced game’s early gameplay, causing fans to judge the game prematurely, hurting sales by spreading misinformation about gameplay not representative of the final product. Some leaks may be innocent enough, but some can hurt the games we’re so excited to get our hands on.

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