Halo is doing something that not many video game franchise’s have been able to do and that is to make the shift from video game franchise to cross-media franchise.

Executive Producer, Kiki Wolfkill, sat down and discussed the future of Halo in a recent Microsoft profile. The Halo franchise will move forward as a game, TV show, novel, etc,etc,etc but will not expanded in way that feel’s unnecessary.

“We will never do anything that doesn’t move the universe forward,” Wolfkill said. “We won’t do something for the sake of being in a certain medium.”  

Wolfkill added, “Our next step is to try and make the connections between the game and its linear entertainment aspects even more experiential. I want to transform how people experience ‘Halo’ in their living rooms and on their PCs…With Xbox One, we have the opportunity to allow people to experience all these different modes of storytelling — game, television, even graphic novels – in the same place and without friction.”  

Wolfkills’ focus is not on the game itself, but rather on the expanded universe around the game. She worked on the live action web-series Halo4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Check out the trailer for upcoming live-action produced by film legend Ridley Scott, was just released.


Source: IGN


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