Everyone loves cheap games and everyone loves Sci Fi, these are known facts of the universe. So it only makes sense that the newest Humble Sci Fi Bundle should be the best selling bundle of products ever marketed. Add in the fact that you can pay whatever you want for the bundle and you can donate as much of your payment price as you want to charity, this should be a slam dunk.

The games that are included in this out of the world bundle are Velocity Ultra, Qube, and Cosmic DJ. If you decide to give more than $6 for your humble bundle, you will also get The Fall, Strike Suit Infinity, and Strike Vector; and if you pay $15 or more, you will also get The Last Federation on top of all the other games listed. All of the games listed can be redeemed via Steam, and if DRM isn’t your thing, Cosmic DJ, The Fall, and The Last Federation are all DRM free.

This bundle just opened about 30 minutes ago at the time of this writing, so there’s still a full 7 days left until this deal ends. But why wait? Low price sci fi games and money for charity, go grab it now!

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