EA might have just slipped up and announced a new DLC for Battlefield 4, through the publishers Origin Twitter account.  EA was promoting a 20%  discount on Battlefield 4 Premium and also said the Dragon’s Teeth DLC will be released on July 15th.  The tweet, of course was quickly  removed and posted again without a specific date.  Here is the original tweet below:


Battlefield Premium Members get Battlefield 4 DLC two weeks earlier than regular players, so if the first tweet is true then that could mean the Dragon’s Teeth DLC launches for everyone else on July 29th.  The Dragon’s Teeth DLC will add four new maps  all set in Asian cities: Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda, and Sunken Dragon. The DLC will also add 5 new weapons. However, there’s been no confirmation if these are the same weapons that we leaked back in May. Also included in the DLC will be the R.A.W.R(Remotely Controlled Armor Ground Vehicle) and the ballistic shield that EA previously teased.  Dragon’s Teeth also will add a new game mode, Chain Link, where the objective is to win battles by linking capture points and  10 new assignments with unlocks for each.

And expect more Battlefield action this fall when EA releases the latest installment in the series, Battlefield:Hardline, which takes players the streets for an explosive game of cops and robbers.


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