Now that EVO 2014 is here, we are starting to get a little more info about the upcoming Mortal Kombat X game. A couple days ago, we were treated to a new video of Raiden.

The video shows off an array of Raiden’s moves and is broken down into 3 sections, Thunder God Raiden which is all about electrocution combos, Displacer Raiden which is about teleportation, and Storm Lord Raiden which is all about lightning traps.

Each different attack style cool moves and awesome combos that can truly devastate an opponent, but my personal favorite is probably the teleportation move set. The amount of damage you can do by teleporting around the map and attacking is pretty significant. I am definitely looking forward to playing as Raiden when MKX releases.

And, in true Mortal Kombat fashion, the video ends with an awesome fatality. Check it out below.

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