Klobit Games made an appearance at RTX 2014, and there they featured their upcoming game Capsule Force. This game can be compared to that of Nidhogg as it features a “tug of war” style of play. The game is local co-op and is currently being voted for on Steam Greenlight, it features up to four players at a time shooting, jumping, and shielding against incoming bullets. Players are split into two teams, and will have to jump onto one of two platforms to proceed to the next section of the stage. Each stage has seven sections in it and proceeding to your opponent’s final section is your goal. In that final section of the stage there is an orb to collect, known as The Galaxy, to then become victorious for your team. Each section features different obstacles to assist the side of the defending team, so if you’re on the blue side and you’re red you have to watch out for different lasers and traps to dodge along with dodging the blue team’s attacks. This makes it all the more challenging for the opponent to make it to your side of the stage and steal your galaxy orb.


The hands on time we had with Capsule Force was plenty of fun as the platforms went back and forth repeatedly. Duration of matches varied in length depending upon how skilled you became. It felt like a mix of Super Smash or a Megaman game. It will also feature a single player challenge mode to keep you playing, and pushing your skills with the mechanics of the game. You’ll have to navigate the stages in challenge mode and hit all the targets competing for the best time possible. You can even play in a one on one match against your friends as well even if you don’t have three other friends to play with you. There are plenty of things to keep you coming back. Again Capsule Force is currently up on Steam Greenlight (here) and I highly recommend you keep an eye on this one!



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