With Destiny on the near horizon, we made sure to grab David Dague (Or DeeJ), the Community Manager from Bungie on the RTX show floor and ask him some questions about the upcoming multiplayer experience.

For those who don’t know, Bungie allowed PS4 players to experience the Alpha version of Destiny just a short while ago. It was obviously a well-attended Alpha, but we were curious to find out what they learned from it. Destiny has been getting a lot of media attention and players have been asking Bungie a lot of questions about the upcoming title. This is what Dague had to say in regards to all of the questions they’d been getting.

“[The community] would say, ‘give us more information, give us more information.’ And what we were coming to realize is that, they don’t want information. They have plenty of information about the game. What they want is understanding, and the Alpha was an opportunity for us to let the game teach the player about itself.”

“We got to use [players] as testers in the truest sense, because we could manipulate network traffic or we could try different things with how matchmaking worked and if we wanted direct evidence, direct and immediate feedback as to how these things were working we could just look to Twitch.”

 Destiny First Look Alpha_20140616144657

Dague went on to say that due to the feedback they got from the Alpha they were able to work on balancing matchmaking, weapons, as well as certain dialogue, just to name a few things. BLAH did say that the team knew that certain things had to change ahead of time, but it was good to get additional feedback from players.

The Crucible, which is the PvP aspect of Destiny, was also talked about during the interview. Dague mentioned that there are a lot of things that players haven’t seen yet from the Crucible. For example, in regards to the Guardians, which is who you play as, “There will be new ways to move and evade that you haven’t even seen yet.” It was also mentioned that while Destiny may feel similar to Halo in some respects, Halo players will certainly find that there are a lot of things that are quite different about Destiny and they’ll have to learn all of the new bags of tricks that the game offers.

A beautiful view from the Tower.

A beautiful view from the Tower.

With Beta coming out this month for all consoles Bungie plans to have a final release on, we asked what we might expect. Naturally, Bungie is keeping their cards close to their chest but they did mention that people will get to experience some new things that weren’t in the Alpha. They don’t want to let players experience too much of what the final game will be like though, otherwise when Destiny finally launches, people who play-tested it might not have that grand sense of initial discovery of a new game.

“The first time you experience those things for yourself is a lot sweeter than when some jerk explaining it to you in a blog…And I won’t be that jerk!”

After having a quick laugh about that, we agreed with David since fresh experiences are always preferable to old ones. A couple days after our interview, Bungie announced a few new things about Destiny.

Currently the Sony consoles will be getting the Beta July 17th, which was already known, but a release date for the Microsoft consoles has just been set for  July 23. Not only that, Bungie revealed the super fancy Collector’s Edition, which you can check out here.

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