Battlefest, from DICE’s Battlefront 4, will start July 12th.

“As we head into the thick of summer, we wanted to do something for our fans and are kicking off a special event called Battlefest,” the developer says. “This is a festical built for gamers, specifically Battlefield 4, filled with weekly rewards, contests and in-game content. It’s fun way to give back to our community and say thanks while doing some cool things in the game.”

The first day of the month-long event will give double XP for players all day. A new contest in which players take screenshots of their game to fit with the given theme will also begin on the 12th. And with the contest, the gamer with the winning screenshot per day will receive an AMD graphics card, a $50 DICE store gift card, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership on their system.

Additionally, during Battlefest, each week will offer a free camo for all players. There will also be community missions each week, and if the players on that mission get to their goal, they will receive a free gold Battlepack. The first mission starts on July 15th.

One more contest will wrap up the offers, and players can upload videos of their amazing stunts to be judged by DICE, and the company will choose 12 of those videos to be voted on by the community. The top three videos will receive “massive prizes.”

The event will go from July 12th to August 13th.





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