A Rhode Island judge hearing the lawsuit for 38 Studios, the creators behind the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, ruled that three of the defendants must give additional depositions. First, Southwest, Wells Fargo, and Adler Pollock& Sheehan asked the judge to rule that they not need to provide the additional testimony, however, Judge Michael Silverstien denied that request on Monday.

The attorneys for the defendants say that individual’s at the firms have provided 17 hours of deposition already.   In Monday’s ruling Judge Silverstien said that depositions may go ahead but limited them to one day. Lead Attorney for the former Economic Development Corp. says there are still about three dozen depositions scheduled before the close of evidence-gathering on Aug 15th.

The EDC filed suit against 14 individuals over the 2012 collapse of Ex- Red Sox’s pitcher Curt Shilling 38 Studios which received a $75 million dollar guaranteed loan from the State of Rhode Island.


Source: The Miami Herald

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