Against all original statements, Microsoft has released their Kinect-free $399 Xbox One. Last week, with the help of Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul, Microsoft launched a new advertisement campaign to promote the system. The removal of the Kinect has exceeded all expectation.

“Today we’re thrilled to offer our fans more choices to play the games they love and to enjoy all of their entertainment with the new Xbox One option for $399,” said marketing executive Yusuf Mehdi.

But for a time concerns of what users would do if they wanted a Kinect to play certain games were an issue. Would they have to buy the system that contains the Kinect? Well Microsoft has now confirmed that the Kinect will be sold separately later into the year, but a date or a price has not been announced.

Microsoft has also spoken of the sales for the Xbox 360, saying the numbers have risen to 84 Million units sold, with a lifetime sales hitting 37.7 billion. This means that Xbox 360 gamers have logged more then 88 billion hours of gameplay. That’s more then 100,000 centuries.


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