Ubisoft is definitely one of the top publishers/developers in the gaming world at the moment. Their Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises regularly fly off the shelves and are constantly up for awards at the end of the year, so when we hear about the astronomical sales numbers of a game like Watch Dogs, we really aren’t too surprised.

But, it is surprising to see that PC, not PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, contributed the highest percentage of sales in Q4 of the 2013-2014 fiscal year for Ubisoft.

ubisoft salesUbisoft is a cross platform developer, but they are definitely known more as a console developer than a PC developer. In fact, most of their television ads don’t even show a PC box cover with the other console boxes. Now, there are many different reasons this could be, and the biggest one is probably the new consoles being available. As you can see by the numbers, both PlayStation consoles combined account for 33% of sales, and both Xbox consoles combined account for 29%, so even though the PC outpaced any individual console, the PS and Xbox still accounted for well over half of the company’s sales.

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