Series Producer Eiji Aonuma is aware of the major complaints about the hours of tutorials in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Aonuma promised that future Zelda titles will  scale back the excessive use of these tutorials. Aonuma said the following in an interview at E3:

“Yes, When we created Skyward Sword, I really felt the need to make sure that everyone playing the game understood it. But I also understand now, in hindsight, the when you go out and buy a game, you buy the game because you want to play it, and you don’t want to have any obstacles in the way. And I guess it was received as a bit of an obstacle. In a game, in’s when you get stuck, when you want that help. And I kinda frontloaded all that in Skyward Sword, and it doesn’t really help to get that information when you don’t know what do with it. So that was a real learning experience  for me. So I’m going to got careful not to do that.” 

Aonuma’s solution in The Legend of Zelda: A  Link Between Worlds was to implement creatures called Hint Ghosts, a totally optional advice-dispenser that would pop up and offer help when asked.  So it looks like a safe bet that the next HD  Zelda title will not have 4 to 5 hours of tutorials.


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