Sony had a very impressively packed conference this year. They had an amazing amount of content and were throwing around the word “exclusive” like it was going out of style. They started off with a Destiny trailer showing some new gameplay. Afterwards, Andrew House announced that the Destiny Beta will launch July 17th for Playstation users. In addition, PS4 will be users will have exclusive access to the Alpha starting this Thursday. If that wasn’t enough, Sony announced a white PS4 that will be bundled with a controller, Destiny, and a 30-day voucher for PS Plus which comes out Sept.9, the game’s release day.

After an impressive gameplay trailer for The Order: 1886, the new IP from a new studio called Entwined was shown. It sported lots of vibrant colors and has the player controlling two different colored dragons with both joysticks individually. Shockingly, the game is available right now on PS4 for $9.99. The PS3 and PS Vita will be released at a later date.


The Order looks absolutely gorgeous

The Order looks absolutely gorgeous

Also, Infamous: Second Son will be getting a new piece of DLC called, Infamous: First Light where you can play as Fetch from the original game. It’s a standalone piece and will be available this August. Following that, Little Big Planet 3 was announced as well. The game is introducing a few different types of characters that have unique abilities that force players to work together to navigate obstacles throughout the levels. This one’s paired with a release date of November. When it launches, players can play on all levels created from the past two games.

For those who are familiar with the Project Beast screens that were circling around the internet, turns out the game is actually titled Bloodborne and is a new game exclusively for PS4 from the creators of Dark Souls. Bloodbourne is coming out in 2015. Far Cry 4 showed off some new gameplay, giving us a peak at some jump-in co-op. Apparently, if you own the game on a Sony console you can invite friends to play with you who don’t own the game. It’s not clear how this will work though.

Sony then kicked off a segment talking about zombie-related titles. Dead Island 2 gets a new trailer and it seems that Diablo 3 will be getting a Last of Us crossover with the addition of enemies from the latter in as DLC. On a side note, Dead Island 2 will be getting a 30-day exclusive beta. While we’re on the subject of exclusive betas, the PS4 will be the only console to house Battlefield: Hardline’s beta.

Another point to make is that Disney and Sony have partnered up and one of the fruits of this partnership is an exclusive Disney Infinity collector’s edition. And if you thought that was the end of this impressive span of exclusivity, you’d be mistaken. We’re only just starting. Destiny was mentioned again during the conference, this time with info that gamers playing the game on a Sony console will be getting exclusive access to certain gear, a multiplayer map, and a strike mission on Mars.


PS4 seems to be the console to get Destiny for with all of the exclusive content

Sony followed this up with a Magicka 2 announcement as well as a rather amusing announcement with Tim Schafer of a Grim Fandango remaster. Then at this point in the presentation, Sony focused on the number of indie exclusives that will be coming to PSN shortly, including game like: BroforceTitan Souls, Not A Hero, Hotline Miami 2  as well as what looks to be a 3D puzzle/Exploration game called Talos Principle.

Next up is a few more PS4 exclusives to be announced. The first being a live action trailer for a game called Let It Die. This one is being done by Suda51, the mastermind behind games like No More Heores, Lollipop Chainsaw as well as the more recent Killer Is Dead. Based on the trailer for the game, it looks to be a particularly brutal game. Also, Abzu is being developed by some veterans from thatgamecompany at their new studio, Giant Squid.

The creator of No Man’s Sky revealed more gameplay of this procedurally-generated space exploration game and it looks quite beautiful. After this, there was a brief mention of Sony’s VR headset, Project Morpheus. Not much was said apart from the fact that it’s being worked on and that they had a couple demos on the show floor.

No Man Sky

Everyone seems to be really excited to see more on this one. Myself included.

Sony then goes on to mention that players will be able to share videos via Youtube later this year. Playstation’s AR game, The Playroom is getting some free DLC as well.

In bigger news though, Sony begins talking about it’s Playstation Now service. The open beta will begin in US and Canada starting July 31st for PS4, offering up a selection of over 100 PS3 games. Select Sony TV’s will also be able to take advantage of the service when it launches provided you have a Dualshock 3 controller.

Sony then moves on to talk about the PS Vita, saying they have more than 100 games in development for the handheld. This includes Child of Light, Minecraft, and Tales From The Borderlands.

In increasingly familiar ping-pong fashion, Sony switches back to talking about the PS TV, saying you can purchase the product for $99. There will also be a bundle available for $139 that includes PS TV, a controller, HDMI cable, an 8GB SD card, and The Lego Movie Videogame.

Keeping on the subject of TV, Sony will be doing it’s own original programming, starting with an adaption of the graphic novel Powers. This show will be free to PS Plus users. The show launches this December. Also, it seems Ratchet and Clank will be getting their own feature-length film. This will be coming to theaters in the first half of next year.

The debut gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat X was then shown. It’s looking insanely brutal, and that’s saying something for a MK game. Sony then went on to announce to no one’s surprise that The Last of Us will be maing it’s way to PS4. They gave a July 29th release date. It seems that Grand Theft Auto V is also getting the upgrade treatment. This is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this fall. Those who already own the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to upgrade to the newer version and transfer their save games to the PS4.

Sony finishes up the conference with a series of three more trailers. First, they show a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain which looks impressive. Secondly, some new gameplay for Batman: Arkham Knight was shown, demonstrating the capabilities of Batman and his trusty batmobile.

And finally, the conference ended with a trailer for Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End. Sully can be heard saying, “One last time.” It’s possible this may be Drake’s last adventure.

So all in all, Sony had quite an impressive conference. They had loads of exclusive games and content and I don’t think they disappointed fans. The next year will see lots of fantastic game releases, both indie and AAA.


Drake looks like he's having a rough night

Drake looks like he’s having a rough night

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