It looks like the long awaited PS4/PS Vita bundle may actually be happening. Amazon France currently has a listing for a bundle dubbed the “Ultimate Player Edition”, which includes both a PS4 and a PS Vita.


This bundle has been rumored and desired ever since the PlayStation 4’s remote play capabilities were first revealed back in February 2013. There were even rumors that the bundle was going to release just in time for the Holidays last year, but alas that never happened. The current listing has the bundle priced at €579.99 or $790, which seems ridiculously high priced if the bundle only includes the Vita and the PS4. Currently, the PS4 is selling for $400 in the US, and the new Vita is now only $200. A reasonable bundle discount would probably place the price right around $550-$575. But, little is known about this supposed bundle, and it has not been confirmed by Sony yet.

We will keep you up to date on this possible new bundle.


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