The IGDA (International Game Developers Association) released the results of a new workplace study.  The study revealed certain trends and statistics, such as a rise in the percentage of women in the industry.  This study also found the majority of developers make less than $50,000 a year. Also, the study revealed that 39% percent of developers who left their jobs because they wanted better quality of life.

The survey came to light as the discussion surrounding women in the video game is heating up. Recently, at E3 Ubisoft found itself in a PR mess over its decision to not include a  female playable protagonists in Assassin’s Creeds’: Unity Co-Op mode. Then last week , EA boss Patrick Soderlund said he believes the reason why there are so few major games with female protagonists is because games are  made by mostly men. According to the IGDA study he is right.  The study found that 76% percent of the workforce is male, compared to 22% that is female. This figure is, however, on the rise and has just about doubled since 2009 when women made up about 11.5% of the workforce.

The Developers Satisfaction Satisfaction Survey, also provides some insight in how developers feel about “crunch” periods. Crunch is industry jargon for when a deadline is approaching and developers work well past their normal working hours to meet the goal. The study found the only 24%  of developers feel the crunch is even necessary.

The IGDA’s 2104 survey is considered an evolution of the groups previous Quality of Life and Diversity surveys.

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