Last week was the third time stand-up comedian and actress Aisha Tyler hosted Ubisoft’s E3 press conference. For some odd reason people still don’t believe that she loves to play games. However, it would be ill advised to say that to her  face.

“To come and tell me that something that I’ve lived with and loved since I was a little kid is illegitimate, that I’m lying about it, I’ll  literally tell somebody to their  ‘F**k you’- and I’ve done it on this floor.” 

Tyler, who is also host of her own podcast Girl on Guy, says gamers are group that has been previously excluded, and now they are excluding other people.

“The hypocrisy of that is extraordinary,”  Tyler stated. “So I do a lot of calling people on that. So no one let into your club  and now you have one and you don’t want to let anyone else in and you know that you’re just being full of it right now.” 

Tyler also mentioned that overall the criticism of her as gone down over the past few years.




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