Lionhead Studios, the developer behind the Fable franchise, has just released a teaser video that all but announces that the Fable Anniversary will be making its way to PC soon. Fable Anniversary is an HD remake of the first entry in the franchise which was originally released for the original Xbox. More specifically, it’s a remake of Fable: The Lost Chapters, which includes the additional content.

The video starts off with various text bubbles from different social sites demanding a PC version of the game. Then at the very end as all of the bubbles disappear, the screen goes black for a moment and then a Steam notification pops up saying a player is play Fable Anniversary. The video is titled, “Teaser #2”. The first teaser was released back when the game was announced for the Xbox 360. It also included various text bubbles popping up all over the screen.

Lionhead Studios is also working on a new Fable game called Fable Legends, which will be shown off at E3 this year.



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