Nintendo has recently made the decision to close down one of their European branches, most likely due to their tough times since the launch of the Wii U. Nintendo themselves has stated this move is being made to lower costs in the region. Nintendo will be closing their Großostheim office, which is located in Germany. This action will effect 130 workers in that location. Unfortunately, this won’t be the only European branch effected. Other locations will be losing employees as well, like the branch in Frankfurt.

“Nintendo of Europe has entered into a consultation process on a number of changes it is intending to make to its European business which, in the long term, will better enable the European business to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment,” Nintendo informed Games Industry International.

The company posted quite a hefty loss last month and has been trying to catch up since. While Mario Kart 8 has helped to stimulate sales, it will be a long time before Nintendo recovers.

“These intended measures have not been made lightly and have only been arrived at after thorough analysis and careful consideration. The intended measures will sadly have a direct effect on some of the employees based in the Großostheim and Frankfurt offices in Germany and would lead to the release of approximately 130 permanent employees.”



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