Despite the fact that Valve is creating their own VR headset, more and more industry leaders are jumping on board the Oculus train. That even includes former Valve employees like Jason Holt, who was Chief of Business Development for the company. Oculus recognizes Holt as a “driving force” behind the creation of Steam.

“Jason will be spearheading the business development and partnership side of the Oculus platform working closely with Marshall, head of platform engineering, and David, head of worldwide publishing, with a focus on building the world’s best developer and player VR ecosystem,” Oculus then goes on to say, “We’re thrilled to welcome him to the team.”

Believe it or not, even with all of these reports of big names joining Oculus, the company is still hiring. Jason Holt won’t be the last to join the company and I’m sure we’ll hear further reports of the brain drain in the industry in favor of Oculus Rift in the future.


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