Today, the first details about From Software’s exclusivePlaystation 4 title , Bloodborne emerged. From what we can see in the trailer and these screenshots, the game looks amazing. There are also some details about the game that have emerged. The game will feature character customization, online elements, melee, and long-range weapons(GUNS! GUNS! GUNS!). The combat is designed to be both oriented towards action and strategy, and according to Miyazaki, it was “designed to feel like a life or death struggle.”    

Miyazaki  also said the following: “Creating Bloodborne as a completely new game on the new  Playstation 4 hardware has allowed us to really push the envelope in myriad ways. That being said, in more ways than one, it also very much retains our distinct, signature style. As has been at the core of our development philosophy since Demon Souls, we make true games for people who love games. Please watch for more to come on Bloodborne, and thank you very much for your support.” 

Check out screenshots below:



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