The next Primal is about to invade  Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as Square Enix has released a new a trailer for the upcoming patch  2.3, A Realm in Peril. The patch will introduce the  Primal Ramuh. While Ramuh is the main attraction, Garuda, a Titan, and Leviathan are featured in the trailer as well. Also, Square teased the next primal that is coming and it looks like the fan favorite Shiva.  Game Producer Yoshi-P said that Shiva has a “very long and complicated story” that will tie in the very core of the game, however she will not be appearing in patch 2.3.  Square Enix also reveal two new classes that are coming in the game.

The Rogue class will change into the Ninja class at Level 30,  both roles will play heavily into the lore and their story fits in the game.  The mechanics of both classes will center around speed and will earn less fall damage than other classes,  and of course  poison blades and duel wield have both been confirmed.  One more final addition to coming to Final Fantasy XIV  is  Same- Sex marriage. The event will be called a “Bonding Ceremony” and will  be available when patch 2.4 launches.  Check out the both the trailer for Patch 2.3, as well as the Rogue and Ninja classes below and a ton of screenshots below:

Rogue and Ninja  New Classes Trailer

A Realm in Peril Trailer






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