Final Fantasy Explorers will make its way to the 3DS, as reported in this weeks Jump Magazine. The game looks to be be a multiplayer RPG that makes use of the classic  Final Fantasy Job system for playable classes.

The Knight will act as the party’s tank, drawing enemy aggro and attention. Monks will play the part of close range melee damage. Black Mage will resume the role of long range magic damage, and  White Mage, of course, will take up the role of healer.

The explorers will set out to gather the world’s crystals while doing battle with Summons, such as Ifrit and others from previous Final Fantasy games. An image in Jump Magazine shows Ifrit in the same form as he did in Final Fantasy 10, this would make sense given that the game spans several Final Fantasy generations.

There is no official release date for Final Fantasy Explores, nor is there any information on a North American releases as of yet.



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