June 9th certainly didn’t disappoint, with mega companies Microsoft, EA, Sony and Ubisoft hitting their respective stages to show case what they have to offer in the nearing months. Unlike last year, EA forewent the fanfare of celebrities and a sixty-four player Battlefield 4 match for a much more subtle peek at their upcoming lineup.

Considering the seconds long Star Wars Battlefront teaser from 2013 was well received by the community, it was no surprise EA began their conference with it. But it wasn’t the footage or demo one would hope for. Instead we were treated to a rather short developer diary from Bioware containing snippets of concept art and the vast environments. While pretty, we wanted more.

After Battlefront, EA moved on to an impressive Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer featuring the title’s beautiful open-world environments and revealed the tactical gameplay that allows players to pause a battle and issue orders. We were also introduced to the four protagonists; the grey warden, the wildcard coven warrior, the mercenary and the mage. Inquisition will also let players seamlessly switch between characters mid-combat.

Instead of revealing new information for the newest Mass Effect or Mirror’s Edge 2, we were treated to a behind the scenes look at the development process. Of course both were received with massive applause, but again, the audience in venue and at home wanted to see more.But it was nice to see the time and effort the developers are putting into fan favorites and hopefully we’ll be treated to more information later this year.

Mainstay The Sims 4 took up a decent portion of the presentation, with EA promising a more in depth experience behind creating a sim’s personality to a player’s exact specifications. The lengthy trailer show cased how one negative encounter can directly affect a sim’s mood the following day, and in an effort to cheer up example sim Chuck a player created sim was imported and dropped in to entertain partygoers. Chuck was so wrought with laughter that he actually died probably making neighbor Gladys happy, now she doesn’t have to hear his terrible poetry ever again.

Aside from development on MOBA Dawngate and a new, unnamed IP, and a first person extreme racing title with helicopters, wingsuits and more from the Need for Speed developer; EA didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know about, which is disappointing.

EA Sports took up the majority of the conference with the new UFC title, NHL 2015, Madden 2015, and FIFA 2015 said to feature more realistic emotions from in-game players and a more reactive crowd to help ‘feel the game’. I don’t doubt EA’s ability to deliver a more realistic sports experience, my only concern is whether or not I’ll be able to play golf on the moon in EA Sports PGA Tour 2015.

Of course Battlefield: Hardline took center stage, wrapping up the conference with a lengthy trailer complete with cops and robbers duking it out over loot. Players controlling cops will be able to handcuff and tase enemies, which will be oddly satisfying in the midst of a match. But the biggest announcement for Hardline was the closed beta running for the next two weeks on PC and PlayStation 4.

With its focus primarily on their popular sports series, some gamers may feel underwhelmed by EA’s E3 2014 conference, but I have faith that as the year progresses we’ll see a lot more from the publisher and its first party developers.

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