Dragon Age: Inquisition executive Mark Darrah and creative director  Mile Laidlaw sat down with Twitch TV to talk about the games story, crafting,system and squad-controls mechanics. Laidlaw and Darrah talked for about 30 minutes about the games massive open world and how the player will move through world.  Players will also be able to customize weapon hilts, blades, guards and equip their followers with upgraded armor.

Ultimately everything you’re doing is designed to strengthen you and  your party, or you’re doing things that strengthen the Inquisition,” said both Laidlaw and Darrah.“One of the core tenants of Dragon Age:Inquisition is what you’re the leader of an organization, and his allows, you to do things you couldn’t do as an individual.” 

Gathering certain ingredients and crafting are also key parts of the strengthening the Inquisition. Dragons are designed this time around to be end-game battles with valuable crafting  components.

We’ve reworked dragons from the ground up. Rather than targeting a dragon as a circle, you can now target individual limbs.  And They’re so big that you can get inside it, under it, beneath it, There are different types, different breeds, buts they’re all apex predators.” 

Also according Laidlaw it will take about 50 hours to complete the games main story if every side quest is completed A 50 hour story just by itself sounds massive and lets us see more of the fan favorite characters for this installment.

Source: PC Gamer

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