With E3 come and one, we are now getting some more information on some of the announced titles. Among those, we now get a more detailed look at Minecraft for the PlayStation 4. Mojang’s very own Owen Hill talked a bit on PlayStation’s blog, providing fans with a bit more details on some key differences on the PlayStation 4’s version of Minecraft.

One of the most notable things fans can expect are bigger worlds, with areas up to 36 times larger than what was capable on the PlayStation 3. The next-gen version of MineCraft will also allow players to import their older PlayStation 3 saves, allowing players to continue working on their previous worlds.

For anyone who already purchased Minecraft via the PSN, they will be able to upgrade for a small fee. Currently there is no news on whether or not this offer will be extended to the disc version of the game, but Owen says  “Our intention is to make this work for the disc version of Minecraft too, but it’s proving a bit trickier to set up. We’ll post more info on this as soon as possible.”

Once on the PlayStation 4, players will be able to enjoy Minecraft with up to 8 players online, with 4 of those sharing the same screen thanks to the PlayStation 4’s 4-player split screen modes. While the PlayStation 4 edition will make use of the Dual Shock 4’s new touch pad for navigating the menu and crafting, Owen states that those features will be purely optional. Check out the newly released trailer for the upcoming Minecraft PlayStation 4 edition:

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