Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee said in a tweet last week that the game will offer upwards to “4o major endings,” each spiced with additional player-dependent variations.  This is a  lot of endings, even for a Bioware game.  However, Bioware’s Mark Darrah stepped in afterwards to clarify  that 40 “major endings” does not mean 40 “unique” endings.

What constitutes as a “major ending” is a topic for debate, however given the lingering wounds and anger over the end of the  Mass Effect trilogy, Durrah, who is the executive producer on the Dragon Age franchise,  proactively tweeted the following to provide clarification:

So there are going to be up to 40 ending variations, but only a few unique endings. This is a very important clarification, and hopefully people will see the difference between the two statements.






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