Titanfall has been out for only a month now. While the game saw great success during it’s initial launch, I can’t help but feel that the game was over hyped and missed some key points to make it an even better title. To be honest, Titanfall comes up short in some key aspects that could’ve made it a top game that everyone would enjoy, and who knows maybe even Game of The Year worthy in my eyes.  I’m already considering trading in Titanfall like I’ve seen many others do, and it bothers me because the game has yet to be out that long and I’ve already lost interest. What happened with Titanfall, a game in which I a giant mech super fan drooled over upon its reveal? The game that I enjoyed at a press event and had been most anticipating this year fell so short of what I was hoping for. It lacked any true story which is the least of our worries here; your Titan didn’t ‘feel’ like your Titan, also while there was multiplayer there was a lack of modes with most of them feeling very much the same. Although there were 15 maps in total, some seemed suited to more players than others, and the game’s main gimmick felt so bland after the first dozen drops or so. What about making classes for your Pilots instead of just generic death machine person? Titanfall has many things that it did that weren’t really all that different from what we are currently used to today.


The classic deathmatch mode isn’t really that different from your average deathmatch mode.

Because Titanfall was a multiplayer game from the beginning there really wasn’t much of a concern for story. Unless Respawn officially develops a single player campaign later on, there is no point to adding a story. Both sides dislike each other for some reason, and now they fight with their soldiers and array of robots! That’s all that is really necessary to keep this game going. It wasn’t such a great idea to play out plot points while in the middle of a multiplayer match. It made the game feel very much like Brink, where your story was determined as to whether or not you won your match, and because of it very little time was actually put into an understandable story. That was was one of my fears when the idea of a multiplayer story came about for Titanfall. The key points of a story shouldn’t be played out while I’m focused on killing my opponents before they kill me. I doubt many people actually paid attention to what was going on during the story, and those that did probably weren’t doing so well in the match either. It was because of this format you had to play the campaign at least four different times to get every bit of story. This meant that you had to playthrough twice on the IMC one play with winning, one play with losing, doing it again with the Militia after that.To those that would say this format is made, “to keep you coming back for the story!” can throw that notion out the window, the entire game is built around you coming back, its a multiplayer shooter after all!


That guy in the upper right is talking about something, whether it’s important or not I really couldn’t tell you.

Ask anyone what the key focal point of Titanfall is and I would hope by this point most would immediately answer, “Your Titan!” but if this were the case wouldn’t there be more emphasis on that focal point? Getting a Titan in the game is completely underwhelming when you’ve been at this game for at least a couple hours. The first time you drop your Titan is the greatest feeling ever and then quickly declines to a chore because there are other Titans on the map making your life miserable, so you may as well drop your Titan too. If my Titan is supposed to be such a big deal, why does it look the same as everyone else’s? Yes you can argue the idea behind silhouettes of units in a shooter is important for quick identification. The silhouettes theory is a very true statement, but even Team Fortress 2 has some customization to their characters. Whether its particular weapon sets, or even allowing me to customize my Titan from the ground up, your Titan is supposed to be a really important part of the game. But instead Titans are just there, they aren’t really that special, everyone has one, and they aren’t all that different when comparing two like frames. A Stryder is a Stryder, and an Atlus is an Atlus, they all can carry the same weapons, and all can have the same abilities except for their overdrive ability. Why not have certain Titans able to carry a specific weapon set, it doesn’t make sense to me that the Stryder can carry the quad rocket launcher despite it’s rather brittle and frail frame. Perhaps some icons, or emblems on your titan, or maybe some cosmetic additions to it, heck maybe a charm hanging from the roof of your cockpit ala dinosaur on the mirror in Battlefield 4? Do it one better, instead of Titan ‘Perks’ why not have parts that boost Titan abilities? An additional propulsion system that gives your Titan an extra boost, but at the cost of adding extra plating or extended shield. These could be identified by players in saying, “Oh hey, that glowing box on the Titan there means it has an extended shield, its going to take X amount more damage to take it out.” It should feel like your titan and it just feels like something you found, and just yet another item to the game.

Titan lineup

Titans that you’ll regularly see from left to right: Atlus, Ogre, Stryder

AI for your Titan is something we could refer to for an additional story element of this game. But what about an AI that could also be utilized with multiplayer? For the story, we could have all sorts of fun about the AI adapting to said pilot, and learning how to better itself for the pilot, so on and so forth. But for multiplayer have AI sets, much like abilities, and these will determine how the Titan will interact with the environment. In multiplayer’s current state, if your Titan is in auto mode it won’t use it’s Titan ability, dash, or really do all that well of being a second hand death machine like yourself. It becomes a bullet sponge and doesn’t really help out much at all. If they had preset reactions, or even ways of acting for multiplayer, like an aggressive AI where it uses any ability at it’s disposal to destroy anything in its way, or defensive, shielding its fellow teammates from getting hit by incoming enemy fire. Things that wouldn’t necessarily break the game, but add some sort of value to your Titan. You get a Titan every two minutes or so, sometimes faster depending upon what you’re doing in a match, but they aren’t really an asset, they’re just another piece of equipment to be used and tossed out.

For a game that was only multiplayer and had 15 maps, there was a surprising lack of game modes at our disposal to enjoy. Attrition and Pilot Hunter feel very much the same, go get kills and rack up points, the exception with Hardpoint is that you must defend those capture points, but really you’re just killing or be killed here. Then Capture the Flag, and Last Titan Standing make up for the small variety of game types. The maps play out very much alike as well, with every map having a parkour course that you could only dream of, utilizes ziplines across the map in some way shape or form, while visually they all look different there aren’t really any maps that stand out as a top choice among the expansive list. With the lack of a voting system, we don’t really get to choose what map we play on either, its simply luck of the draw, and not all maps are available for each game mode it seems. For the full experience take up the variety pack, but even then there feels to be a lack of variety in game modes. While many game modes of similar games can feel the same, even Call of Duty 4 wasn’t lacking in game variety. Whether it be a Rush type game mode, a Titan only deathmatch, even a Pilot only seek and destroy or a normal seek and destroy for that matter. Give something more than deathmatch, CTF, and Domination.


Online lobbies don’t let you vote on maps!? But private lobbies thankfully let us pick a map.

One thing I really hoped for from this game was seeing different class types for your pilots. Create some sort of camaraderie amongst the players. Such as, “Oh we have an engineer type Pilot he can heal my Titan,” or even a Pilot efficient in taking out Titans. This could also work for the Titans as well, an anti-Titan, an anti-personnel Titan. Something to create more of a team oriented experience could’ve really helped improve the Multiplayer feel of Titanfall. As it stands now everyone is out for themselves, there’s no point in trying to play the hero for anybody, just kill faster than your opponent and the most efficient/fastest killer gets their Titan faster. A game with some sort of strategic value could’ve made the five game modes that much more interesting and not needing variety.


Lets not forget that this is a game about a Pilot and his/her Titan.

Respawn Entertainment can argue all they want that their game is very much different than Call of Duty. But its very hard to hide that fact or over look that when the game plays, and utilizes much of what makes a Call of Duty game. They even went as far as adding a prestige system to the game. What it boils down to is that the team at Respawn looks like it’s comfortable with the CoD format. They did add parkour elements to the game, but there are still very few steps taken to make it really it’s own and stand apart from that CoD mentality. Titanfall isn’t all that different from the mold, it was a cool idea at first, but after a month of its release we can see that its more of the same thing with a different aesthetic. They have two more upcoming Titanfall installments, and I understand that its only a team of 70 people, but there is plenty to work on before we can really call this the next best thing for the FPS genre.

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