Some may know him for Infamous: Second Son or The Last of Us, others for Persona 4 and Bioshock: Infinite, but now players will know Troy Baker for Talion in the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Alongside Troy Baker, other well-known voice actors from the video game genre will join him, such as Nolan North from the Uncharted series, Alastair Duncan from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Laura Bailey from Infamous: Second Son and Halo 4, and Liam O’ Brian from Titanfall and Persona 3.

The music for the game will be composed by Gary Schyman, the man behind the soundtracks of all three Bioshock games and Dante’s Inferno. The story is being written by Christian Cantamessa, the writer for Red Dead Redemption.

The game will be coming out October of this year.


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