The electronics company, Philips, is claiming the infringement of a couple of different patents from Nintendo and wishes to ban the selling of the Wii U in the United States. Philips is alleging that Nintendo has mimicked their technology for motion-sensor, real-time actions, like with the Wii remotes.

Philips starts out in the lawsuit by describing what the lawsuit and what they do in the industry:

“Philips has engaged in the field of applied electronics and has conducted research in areas relating to visual representation of spatial processes and to automatic processes. The present patents-in-suit stem from these fields of research and development and claims protection an interactive system for which a user can remotely control devices in an intuitive manner. Such intuitive remote control mechanisms are used in present-day home video game consoles.”

They say that Nintendo has used this research for their company without giving credit and without notification to Philips.

Philips wishes to take this case to trial in order to gain back damages and to stop the sales of the Wii U consoles in the United States.

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