Nintendo is starting a YouTube affiliate program that will share advertising revenue with channels that upload videos that feature Nintendo games.

Nintendo announced the new program via two tweets that were quickly translated by NeoGAF member Cheesemeister3k.

Yes, those 2 tweets translated say that Nintendo is creating YouTube affiliate programs. It wasn’t long ago that Nintendo was under fire for blocking ad revenue to channels that featured their games. This obviously hurt a lot of people that put out “Let’s Play” videos featuring Nintendo games.

Over the months, Nintendo started to back off and channel owners even reported that their revenues were starting to be restored.

Anyone who uses Nintendo games on their channel will need to get permission to do so from Nintendo. Revenue will be shared between Nintendo, the developer of whichever game is being showed, and Google. It is uncertain at this time how much revenue the channel owners will receive, but more information could be revealed during their digital event for E3.


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