Nintendo has released three new live-action videos (also show gameplay) for Mario Kart 8 to show off one of its new features, as well as two of its new pick-up items.

The first video details the game’s inclusion of an upside down mode, which will allow all kart racers to experience the thrill of being Spider-Man with his ability to climb walls and hang from ceilings. Check out the gravity defying action below.

The second video gives Mario Kart fans a look at the new Super Horn pick-up, which is the first item to ever allow racers to thwart the impending doom of a blue shiny shell. In addition to shattering that game changing pick-up, the Super Horn can also clear the track around you by blowing away other racers. See the Super Horn in action below.

The final cheeky Mario Kart 8 video deals with the new Boomerang Flower pick-up, which gives racers three chances to wipe out the competition with a boomerang projectile. Rather than just being a one use item, the Boomerang Flower will return to you two times to give you three shots are taking out your kart nemesis. Watch the Boomerang Flower’s flight path below.


Mario Kart 8 is a Wii U exclusive that is set to hit Nintendo’s console on May 30, 2014.

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