4A Games are responsible for giving us the Metro series, and soon Metro Redux for PS4 and Xbox One, which is an updated compilation of their two Metro titles. However, while most developers have convenient access to the tools they need to create their games, the fine people at 4A Games have been victim to some unfortunate events in their county of origin. 4A Games is based in the Ukraine, and since the recent protests to remove the President of the country have gone from bad to worse in the city the studio is located, it has made developing their game very difficult. The studio has had to smuggle dev kits for PS4s and Xbox Ones into the country to continue work. Brand Manager Huy Beynon was recently interviewed by Escapist Magazine.

“Just to give an idea of how they are working, we had to smuggle dev kits out to them in hand baggage. You can’t send anything by courier into Ukraine because you get stopped by customs and then they’ll charge you any figure they like.”

Beynon goes on to say that Xbox One dev kits were especially difficult to smuggle in during these difficult times. So much so, he says they were only able to get them in about 5 months ago.

“It’s frightening times for the guys there. They were very involved in the protest. I told them to keep their heads down once the bullets started flying around and thankfully they did. They really wanted to be part of this progressive movement and change. It’s still quite frightening times in Kiev and there are headlines coming out of Ukraine every day; we don’t know what is going to happen. It is an extraordinary set of circumstances they work under anyway without all of this stuff going on.”

In other news, 4A Games has announced that they will be making a move to Malta, which is a Mediterranean island nation. While they still plan to keep open their Ukranian office, this will be the location of their new headquarters. The developer says the move will help them compete internationally. And in all honesty, with the dangerous situation the company finds themselves in in their home country at the moment, the move probably can’t come too soon. We wish the company the best of luck during these times.

Metro Redux releases this summer for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game contains both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Players can also purchase the titles individually for $25.



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