When Battlefield 4 first released and the Battlepacks were first introduced to the world, in my heart, I knew they would eventually turn into a small paid service, and now they have. EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 4 players will now be able to purchase Battlepacks will real currency, if they so choose.

Some people view this as the first step to a “pay to win” system that is rampant in free to play games, but EA wants you to know that Battlepacks do not give any player a specific gameplay advantage. By their nature, Battlepacks are basically random mystery boxes that can award any number of in game or cosmetic items. Depending on the pack you get, you could end up with a weapon attachment, a new weapon or outfit camo, an XP boost, a sticker, etc. So, there is no way to guarantee that you get something good or that could give you any kind of competitive advantage.

This new system is very similar to what EA and Bioware did with the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer microtransactions. Players could purchase random upgrade packs with real currency, but they could not buy specific weapons or characters. It’s all up to chance.

EA says that the intention now is to allow new players to purchase Battlepacks so they can catch up to their friends by using the XP boosts. There will always be people who think that any extra payment service in a game is bad, but the fact is if you don’t want to buy the packs, you don’t have to.

If you are interested in purchasing Battlepacks, here are the prices:

  • Bronze Battlepack – $1
  • Silver Battlepack – $2
  • Gold Battlepack – $3

What do you think about the Battlepack microtransactions? Is this just an innocent little addition or the start of something sinister?


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