Killzone Shadow Fall is getting a major DLC drop today for its multiplayer mode via the ‘Insurgent Pack.’ This multiplayer-centric DLC adds a new soldier class called the Insurgent, as well as a bevy of other new additions.

The Insurgent class features two unique abilities in “Steal” and “Hack.” With “Steal” players can take any gun from a fallen foe and use it for a limited time, and “Hack” allows the Insurgent class to reconfigure enemy automata to attack enemy forces.

The other three existing classes are also getting some new abilities, which are detailed below:

  • E-Pulse Emitter: A deployable beacon for the Assault class that sends out an E-Pulse, making it difficult for enemy units to install automata in that area.
  • Tactical Echo Emitter: A deployable beacon for the Support class that sends out a Tactical Echo from a fixed location, making the area hard to infiltrate by hidden enemy units.
  • Guard Drone: A stationary buddy drone for the Scout class – deploy it in one place and it guards the location from a ground level.

Three new weapons are being added to the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer mix with the ‘Insurgent Pack’ too. These weapons can also be used by players that pick them up from fallen combatants. The three new weapons are:

  • M82: The legendary ISA assault rifle makes a triumphant return for the Support!
  • StA-14: A sturdy Helghast battle rifle for the long-range combat arsenal of the Scout.
  • LS12 SMG Pistol: Also known as the M66, this sidearm for the Assault packs considerable punch.

While this may seem like a ton of new content already, the ‘Insurgent Pack’ still has more to offer. Those players who download it will also have access to two new game modes. The first new game mode will add a new challenge to the single player campaign that only hardcore fans will appreciate, while the second adds a ‘Collectible Mode’ to the multiplayer component.

Finally, the ‘Insurgent Pack’ will also add some more personalization options in the form of skins and new animations. These include the following:

  • 3 Spotlight Moves: Humiliate your enemies with the Head Kick, the Finger Breaker and the C4.
  • 1 Voice Pack: New multiplayer battle chatter voices for both Helghast and VSA factions, designed to match the Insurgent character’s devious personality and style of play.
  • 1 OWL Skin: Inspired by the stealth bomber paint scheme, this will give your combat automata a sleek and stealthy appearance.

The ‘Insurgent Pack’ for Killzone Shadow Fall should now be available on the PlayStation Store for $9.99. It’s also included in the game’s Season Pass if you own it. Head on down below to check out some supporting images and a launch trailer for this DLC.



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