Video game retailer GameStop is planning to scale back on its gaming retail locations in favor of mobile and tablet stores this coming year. This may come as a surprise to some, considering the boost in business GameStop had earlier this year with the new console releases.

More recently, GameStop had also expressed interest in helping Sony with its digital model when Sony announced PlayStation Now. So with everything going well in the gaming front, why the sudden change in focus?

That seems to be a question we’ll find the answer to shortly though, with CEO Paul Raines’ announcement of GameStop’s new market strategy. Dubbed GameStop 3.0, the new initiative will see the game retailer shifting its focus to more “gaming-adjacent tech fields.” 

GameStop is no stranger to expanding its horizons, with the company already incorporating used mobile phones and tablets into their repertoire. But now they plan to pursue those markets more aggressively by increasing the number of two dedicated mobile store chains: Spring Mobile and Simply Mac.

Spring Mobile will focus on AT&T branded merchandise while Simply Mac will focus on Apple Products. In this fiscal year, GameStop will make an effort to open between 200 and 250 Spring Mobile stores and another 20-25 Simply Mac stores. According to Raines, GameStop is currently the “third-largest and fastest-growing AT&T retailer in the US,” and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

But what does this mean for the game aspect in GameStop? To make room for the new focus, they plan on shutting down between 120 and 130 of their current gaming retail locations.

Its a transition that their executive team has been paying close attention to, Raines says. Making the comparison to companies like Williams-Sonoma who once started with kitchen equipment and have since acquired Pottery Barn and West Elm. Along with the comparison, Raine’s also made a point to mention how several companies who made these expansions eventually dropped their original field.

Could this be a hint as to what GameStop’s long terms plans are?

Source: GameIndustry

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