Ubisoft made an announcement that the developers at Massive will be getting a helping hand from another in house Ubisoft development team for their game The Division. It looks like Red Storm, the same team that worked on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, will be lending their creative talents as well. Gary Steinman, a communications manager at Ubisoft, had this to say on the Ubisoft Blog, “While Massive is running the development of The Division — building everything from their proprietary Snowdrop engine powering the game to the design of the world, the innovative gameplay systems and the intriguing story — the Swedish studio began to seek out additional Ubisoft studio support last fall, Red Storm was naturally at the top of their list, simply based on their long history with Clancy games.”

Supposedly Massive is seeking assistance with creating authentic weapons for their game, which looks to be what Red Storm is working on. There was also a report earlier in the year that had stated Ubisoft Reflections was co-developing The Division. Steinman also stated on the blog post that there is no cause for alarm on the project with so many developers having their hands on it. He went on to say that, “…no such tensions exist. At all.” which hopefully will stand strong right up until the end of development. Ubisoft is still pushing to get Tom Clancy’s The Division out this year, but some speculate that it won’t be releasing until 2015. Does the additional help bode well for hitting that 2014 goal? Or is this rushing it and might make the experience lackluster in comparison to what it could’ve been if headed by only one developer? Or should they collaborate and continue just as they are? Let us know via Facebook or @GAWeekly on Twitter!


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