It looks like Microsoft has started to formulate their plan of attack on the griefers that populate Xbox Live. The outline of the rep system and how it will handle certain players was outlined on the Xbox Wire blog.

The reputation system that was outlined in July of last year will separate players into 3 groups, the good players, the players that “need work”, and the players to “avoid”. Good players have nothing to worry about and might actually see a few rewards thrown their way for good behavior. Player that “need work” will start to receive warning messages about their behavior this month. These messages will encourage them to play nice with the community, or else. The “avoid me” players will start to see reduced matchmaking pairings and suspended privileges like Twitch broadcasting. They will also receive a stern talking to from the teacher and a time out.

These rules seems like the ones that are posted in a Kindergarten classroom, and it definitely speaks to the problems that players have been having on Xbox Live.

Microsoft does want to assure people that their Xbox 360 rep will not carry over and that this system is based on a long period of misbehaving, so a couple weeks of bad play won’t heavily affect your rating. They also say that the system takes into account the fact that people will be reported by griefers in order to ruin their rep.

It will be interesting to see if this system is going to work at all, especially since making an Xbox Live account is as easy as making a new email address.

Do you think this new reputation system will help improve the Xbox Live community? Let us know in the comments!

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