Dubstep artist Skrillex has chosen to forgo the obvious outlets for releasing music like, iTunes or Amazon, and has instead decided to debut some of his new songs through a new mobile game, Alien Ride.

The game was released today on both iOS and Android devices. While apparently you’re supposed to be able to unlock various songs from Skrillex’s upcoming album, Recess, I was not able to in the time that I played. New songs unlock as you play and are streamed to your phone, so make sure your wi-fi is turned on.

Also, you can also pre-order Skrillex’s new album through the app as well. The app officially releases on March 18th, though as mentioned before, you can play it now, albeit with limited access to the songs.

You can also go on Skrillex’s website and check out the high scores from the game. Think you can beat the current high score of 94,500? Give it a try.


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