Getting stuck in a match with players who are obviously cheating is never fun and Respawn isn’t intending to let them get away with it. The developer assured its players base that they are actively tracking less then honest gamers in the recently released Titanfall.

Cheating in online multiplayer has gotten much more sophisticated compared to what it was in titles like Halo 2, it isn’t so obvious anymore. After their initial tweet, Respawn clarified what they considered dishonest player behavior.

A handful of online merchants offer aimbots and ‘wall-hacks’ that manipulate game data allowing users to see other players (both enemy and friendly) through walls, items and various objects they would otherwise not be able too and explosives. Aimbots auto-aim and shoot at the opposition and can be adjusted to be less obvious to other players.

Have you had the unpleasant run in with cheaters? What bothers you more; smack you in the fact obvious cheating, or the subtle feeling of something isn’t right here? Let us know!


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