When you fund a project on Kickstarter, what do you expect from those you are supporting? Apparently the people who donated money to the Oculus Rift were expecting the indie company behind the Rift to remain just that, indie.

Following the much-talked about acquisition of the company Oculus by Facebook for $2 billion dollars, a vast number of people took to the internet to express their opinion on the matter. While some were positive about the deal to buy the company and the tech behind Oculus Rift, others were not so enthusiastic, including many who had originally backed the project on Kickstarter.

Many of the comments on the Oculus Rift page on Kickstarter illustrate how some of these people feel betrayed by this deal with the social media giant. Jashan Chittesh, a backer of the project on Kickstarter, wrote this,

“This is not what I backed this project for. Seriously not. I hope Kickstarter will learn from this and find ways to prevent such abuse of their platform in the future. You lost a lot of credibility due to this. And Oculus? Oh well … RIP.”

Sure, while there has been a flood of negative reactions to the news, there are people on both sides of the fence. Some people can see how this could be a good thing, including current developers for the Rift. IGN states,

“We spoke to more than 10 independent Oculus Rift game developers, and only one indicated an intention to put Rift development on hold as a result of the Facebook news.”

However, regardless of positive opinions on the subject, it’s still clear that certain people who have invested money in the project on Kickstarter are upset. It’s possible that they may change their opinion in the future if Facebook remains as hands-off as they say they will. Only time will tell.


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